November 12th, 2012
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When I was in my twenties, I felt as though I had all the time in the world to do whatever it was I wanted to do.  I think that feeling was the luxury of youth.  I had no sense of needing to get things done urgently because if it didn’t happen today I was confident that I would get another chance tomorrow.  There would always be tomorrow for a do-over, if you will.

“See you tomorrow!”

“Oh, I’ll tell you about that later.”

“Yeah we have to find a date and then we’ll do it.  I’ll get back to you.”

But now I try very hard to stay in the present, to appreciate the gift of life, and say and do what should be taken care of today because nine years ago today my wonderful husband died and I saw that you don’t always get a tomorrow.
I saw how quickly life can twirl you around and yank off your blindfold, leaving you stumbling, confused and guessing about the scary unknown.

How did I keep it together (some of the time), raise a child and work a full-time job?

By taking baby steps in the beginning and slowly developing a well of inner strength that came through the kind help of family, friends, neighbors, praying a lot, meditating a lot, crying, laughing, reaching out for help from a fantastic support group, learning to make peace, accepting some of the bad stuff and writing for Cry, Laugh, Heal.

You, my dear readers, are truly a gift I never thought I would have and I thank you, thank you for coming to Cry, Laugh Heal!

Being in present time, to be what is called “fully present” sounds cliche but it really isn’t.  I have found that when I concentrate on staying in the present it is truly a good thing.  I don’t always succeed but the results are definitely worth the effort.
For me, staying in the present means I am with the person that I am with.  I am listening to them and the words they are saying to me, the thoughts and emotions they are trying to convey to me.

I am not typing on my computer keyboard as they are talking to me, I am not watching television as they talk to me and I am not writing a check or a note as they try to talk to me.  I am focused on our conversation and I am really, really trying not to think ahead about my reply.

I am mentally focused in the moment of what is happening between me and the other person.

I am trying not to let my mind run ahead or go backwards in time because then I might miss the beauty of what is happening to me right now.

Now is a beautiful thing and a thing to take care of.

Now is when you get to say and do what you intend to do so that later on you don’t have regrets about how you forgot to say something or you should have done something.

Now is powerful.

Whatever it is, do it today.  Don’t put it off.  Do it now.
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