June 18th, 2012
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From a child’s point of view, the place where their parents work can be a place they dislike because it pulls their parent away from them.  Parents spend a lot of time at work and children may feel that they are competing with what goes on in the office.  “If you didn’t have to work, you could be with me,” is sometimes what a child may think.
But what if your memories of your parent and their relationship with their work and their office is positive and you can’t imagine your parent doing anything else but being in their office?  Your parent may love their job and their passion for their work may inspire you to try to find something that you can be equally passionate about.
Work world is where your parent and other adults are busy working on computers, talking on phones, doing things you don’t quite understand but you want to be part of it because your parent loves being in this world.
In honor of Father’s Day, this New York Times story captures a little girl’s precious memories of her father and playing office so she could become just like him:


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