December 12th, 2017
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gene kelly


People from all walks of life inspire me.

From the guy who delivers my mail to a person in public life who is willing to step up and speak out for a just cause.

It isn’t always what they do but how they live their lives.

These inspiring people are willing to take a risk, to roll the dice.

They let the chips fall where they may.

Because they know that we only get one shot at this big beautiful thing called life and they put themselves out there in a unique way.

Even when they are afraid.

Even when they are unsure of how it will all turn out.

They have a driving energy within themselves that pushes them to work through the uncertainty to get their ideas out there.

To try and affect change in a positive way.

Maybe it will work. But then again, maybe it won’t.

Here’s the bottom line:  Nobody ever knows unless they try.

Where to begin?

Start with something that you meant to do yesterday and make sure you follow through with it today.

Give it all you’ve got and see what happens.

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