July 10th, 2013
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I’m scared of things.  Lots of things.  And there are things that I really don’t want to do.
But I usually force myself to do them.  Because eventually I know I will probably have to do them all by myself.
I could ask other people to do things for me but I always feel silly doing that because I know I can do it for myself.  Besides, by the time I ask someone else to do something for me and I explain what it is that I need done, I could have done it for myself.
I try to live my life by making choices that I feel good about but still there are situations I find myself in that I really don’t like.  At all.
I don’t like certain things that happen when I am at home and I don’t like certain situations at work.  However, I don’t have control over the majority of things I don’t like or am scared of so I end up talking to myself and trying to work my way through these potential walls that could possibly make my life very narrow if I let them.
Everyone has something they’re scared about; it’s just that I don’t want my “scary things” to stop me from enjoying spontaneous times with friends and family.  I listen to my “scarys” but I try never to act on them.  Last week I was invited to join some friends for dinner in a place I was not familiar with at all and I almost didn’t go.All I could imagine was that I was going to get lost and not know how to get out of where I was or I would make a wrong turn anf find myself driving on 95 heading south towards Richmond.  I really hate getting lost when I am by myself.  I talked to myself about the whole situation and how ridiculous it was to feel that way and then Google mapped my directions and then talked to myself again.
And then I went to dinner and had a great time!
Life is full of choices.  It’s up to you which ones you decide to make.
You’ve got the power!!
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2 Responses to “Delaying The Inevitable”

  1. Jane H.

    You are right, Mary Kate. If I can just get past my scary thoughts and force myself to do the frightening thing, it almost always works out. There does come a time, though, that it is ok to ask others for help when it is absolutely necessary. Asking is scary too…

    • Cry, Laugh, Heal

      You found out something about yourself when you pushed pass the scary thoughts, Jane, and that is that you are a strong woman with incredible talents and resilience. I’m always thinking good thoughts for you!!


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