March 11th, 2014
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If I live to be 92 years young, I hope I am as adventurous and free spirited as Dorothy Ellis!
She is fearless!
Dorothy was in hospice care when she told her family that she wanted to fly over her home in Kansas in a powered parachute that she had watched many times in the open sky as she gazed from her window.
Her family and her hospice nurse put their worries about her age and her health aside and to their credit they made Dorothy’s wish come true!  I love her reaction at the end of the flight!  Sadly, she died six weeks after flying in her parachute machine but think of the great time she had up there in the bright blue sky.

Here’s the inspiring video her family shot watching her fly on a beautiful sunny day in Kansas!  I first saw this video on the Facebook page of JT Morriss & Son and I’m so happy they shared it with all of us.

So today let’s all follow Dorothy and go for broke:


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