October 9th, 2012
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Staying Grounded

Have you seen that television commercial where the couple is test driving a new car in the desert and then later someone off camera asks them why they liked it?

The man says something about wheel rims on the tires and the way the car felt when he was driving it and then the woman says more good stuff about the car and ends the commercial by saying it felt “grounded to the ground.”  The guy off camera can’t believe she has expressed herself this way and he repeats “grounded to the ground” as though it were a question and then she laughs while saying the phrase again.
It’s not just the words “grounded to the ground” that crack me up but it’s also the way that she says it.
It’s a funny ad and at the same time the phrase strikes a chord with me these days.  Most people do wish to feel as though they are “grounded to the ground.”  Stability and reliability are good things that help you feel confident about going forward.  It’s reassuring to know that certain things will work or happen at certain times.  And also that you can count on certain people to be there for you when times are tough.
It’s very unsettling when you feel as though parts of your life that you can’t control are flying in whatever direction they want.  You start to wonder what will happen next because you didn’t anticipate these events AT ALL!  I can’t be more specific because other people would prefer that I not go on and on about it in my blog.  But I am trying to take my own advice about slowing down, taking a deep breath, and keeping life’s unexpected events in perspective.
I have nothing against spontaneity but lately there have been too many health surprises in our family and I now find myself wishing for consistently healthy days for everyone I know.  While writing this post, I am drinking a cup of hot herbal tea and channeling good, peaceful and calming thoughts.  Yes, I have been praying too and that helps to destress my thoughts and feelings.  Knowing that I am not alone in this huge.
So I continue to mentally sort through my emotions, talk, talk, talk to friends and family and share all of this with you my wonderful readers which definitely helps me feel more “grounded to the ground.”
Thanks for being here today!!
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