February 15th, 2016
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British beach


Dear Winter:

Snow again?? Really??

Even though you are not my favorite season, I know there is no way around you and when the calendar signals that it’s your turn, I need to get ready for the temperature changes and the shorter days.  I dragged out all of my winter geared and prepared myself to get in the habit of layering my clothes.  I reminded myself that the one positive thing about your arrival is the celebration of Thanksgiving and Christmas and New Year’s Eve so you do bring some reasons to party.

But still you’ve been hanging around for a few months and now I am growing tired of the constant cold and wind and wearing my heavy winter coat and my hat and my gloves and my scarf.  I could go on about the other things that I must wear while you are here but I think you get the idea that piling layers of clothes upon myself to maintain warmth is getting tedious.

While I did notice last week that little by little the days are staying lighter a bit longer, it is not enough to make me change my mind about the length of your stay.  I am ready for you to leave.  Everything feels harder to do when it’s cold.

The temperatures in my area of the world are freezing, frigid and just out and out cold to the bone so my new strategy is to think of sunny and tropical places and to continue to imagine myself in these coastal escapes until the start of Spring.

For me, nothing beats a hot summer day relaxing at the beach and these pictures are two examples of where my mind is going today as I try to remember that winter won’t be here much longer.

You are welcome to join me!

water resort


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One Response to “Mental Health: A Sunny Escape”

  1. Debbie

    Do you remember, “Calgon, take me away?” I would gladly pack up and go with you to the place in your picture, white winter skin and all!


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