September 4th, 2012
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My Labor Day weekend was productive and I hope yours was too!

I only wish it had been longer. . .

I had lunch with a great friend, visited with one of my sisters and then later went home and decided that I needed to declutter.  I started with the book shelves and was ruthless.  I found about 40 books that I didn’t need in my life and packed them up to donate to a good cause.  I also went through another box of papers belonging to my husband and I will write all about that in a future post.
Today, it’s all about shifting into another gear and now I need some music big time to kick me into gear to begin the work week.  The following new Train cover song, “50 Ways to Say Goodbye,” is performed by the supremely talented duo of Owen Danoff and Mike Squillante.  Their energy and talent is infectious and listening to this is definitely going to get me out the door.  Maybe it will do the same for you:
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