September 29th, 2016
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We live in crazy times my friends, with election talk this week seeming to bombard us everywhere we go.

Since I live in Washington, DC, where politics and government are considered our main industries, I usually don’t bring up the election as a topic of conversation unless someone else asks me first.  People are pretty polarized and the election is not the kind of thing that you toss out casually as you are waiting in line at the grocery story or talking to a bank teller or an Uber driver.   Chatting with someone you don’t know very well about either candidate is tricky and can go down the tubes pretty quickly.

I think at this point we are all trying to remain above the fray as we create our own zones of tranquility where we can shake off the bad ju-ju of any sharp comments and move forward with a smile of contentment.  Besides embracing a feeling of inner peace, I like my zone of tranquility to include mindful thoughts about also feeling younger and thinner!

Truly! Isn’t that what we all think about?

I won’t presume to know how you get to your quiet zone but I leave you today with a few images to carry around in your head that might lead to humming and chanting to yourself until the November election.

Peace Out and Hang In There my friends. . .









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2 Responses to “Peace Out”

  1. Alex Koseluk

    Spending 50 minutes on an elliptical machine takes my mind off of most everything except how good I feel afterwards


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