September 5th, 2012
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Dear Readers:

Just as you may find yourself on an emotional roller coaster, so do I.

I have days, just as you do, when things don’t go well and I feel as if I am treading water or even going backwards a bit.  Writing and sharing with you the ups and downs of daily life helps me and I hope it helps you.  When you read Cry, Laugh Heal, I hope you discover that you are not alone in your feelings of bereavement and your quest to rebuild a new life.

I certainly do not have it all together all the time and who knows when I will?  Some days I reach my goals and some days I don’t.  Some days I feel I have it together and then some days I screw up.  I’m just like you.

I do believe it’s important to try and move forward by starting a dialogue about what happens when you lose someone you love because it is not a mainstream subject.  It is the rare and special person who listens to you really talk about what is going on.

Sometimes it’s hard to explain exactly what I am feeling because it’s such a mixture of emotions, like a ride on Cyclone pictured above.  I’m happy for someone else’s joy but then that makes me think about what I used to have or I’m glad when something good happens to me but then I don’t have anyone who will be as happy for me as my husband would be.  I usually call my son or other family members or my close friends but it’s not the same because they have their own lives.

Which is perfectly normal but it still takes getting used to.

The roller coaster part of it is that I’m not aimlessly floating along. I work hard so I can get used to my new reality and I start to think that I am getting used to it but then something unexpected happens and suddenly I’m not used to it at all and then I feel that I’m starting over.

Is this making any sense?  I certainly hope so!

This is just my roundabout way of saying that the lines of communication need to stay open and we need to keep talking to each other about what happens when you lose a loved one because somewhere in the talking and the exchanging we can find a sense that it’s going to be okay, even if it doesn’t feel that way at the time.  Let’s ride the rollercoaster together!
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