July 11th, 2011
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In keeping with the many unknowns that you face on your journey to rebuild your life after losing a loved one, going out by yourself for social events is on that master list of things that is easier for men to do than it is for women.  At least it is for me.

It’s not like I never did anything by myself when my husband was alive, but it’s different now.  I miss many things about not being part of a couple at social events, such as not having someone in the car so you can talking about the evening and take it apart on the way home (Can you believe so and so came to the party?  What were you and so and so talking about?  Blah, Blah, Blah…).  Anyway, sometimes you’re in the mood to deal with it and sometimes you’re not.  But this weekend I am looking forward to going out.

Saturday night I went by myself to a local music club called the Birchmere to watch my good friend’s son, Owen Danoff, perform live.   I had lots of friends who would meet me there so that was good and I knew the club atmosphere would be fun.

As a performer, Owen has it all.

He is magnetic on stage, full of incredible energy and his songs are dynamic and melodic.  To give you a glimpse into his incredible talents, please watch this video of Owen and his friend, Adrien, sing “Have I Ever Fallen” and decide for yourself.  But I think you’ll agree after watching, that we will definitely be hearing more great stuff from Owen and I can’t wait:



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One Response to “Solo to See Owen Danoff”

  1. jeremy stersky

    Hi there,

    That’s a beautifully written piece about love, loss remembrance and recovery. It’s inspirational. I’d very much like to read more of your posts as they are highly spiritual and full of deeper meaning. Great work here. I appreciate all this heartfelt sentiment in blog posts. I’m a bingo writer/player from London England. I’ve been working hard to create a community-style blog that everyone can enjoy. It’ covers social upliftment and related issues. I hope you too find it interesting.

    Take care and take it easy –


    Jeremy Stersky


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