February 14th, 2012
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Decades ago, the CEOs of florist, chocolate and card companies must have been having a long liquid lunch and launched the ingenious idea of launching a fun holiday called Valentine’s Day.

Valentine’s Day happens to be one of those holidays that has never been a big deal to me because it always feels forced.  I don’t want someone to give me chocolates, flowers or a card because they feel they have to do what everyone else is doing.  It means a lot more to me when the person I’m romantically involved with comes up with the idea of flowers, chocolates or a card all on their own, not because the calendar says February 14th.

That said, I understand that for some people today is a sweet day, dedicated to romance and full of cupids and hearts.  It’s a day for those in love to go out of their way and show the person they love how much they care about them.  Loves truly does make the world go round so embrace your Valentine and also embrace your memories, good and bad.

Allow yourself to remember the happy times, when you were crazy in love and couldn’t bear to be apart, not even for one second, and allow yourself to laugh.  If memories bring about sadness, then allow yourself to cry.  Life is precious and acceptance is essential in overcoming a loss.  Your heart may feeling as though it’s splitting but it eventually it will mend and be good as new for the next love of your life.

Right now it feels as though you will never love anyone else ever again but you will!

Happy Valentine’s Day! I think the lyrics to the below song written and recorded by the fabulous Whitney Houston sums it up:

Take Good Care of My Heart
Lyrics by Whitney Houston
Time can pass so slowly, when you feel so all alone
Love can strike like lightning, when you find your heart a home
I’ve seen it in the movies, read about it in a book
I’ve never feel it, but your touch was all it took
Take good care of my heart
Take good care of my heart
Baby you’re the first to take it
You’re the only one who can break it
I love you more than I should
But it keeps me feeling so good
I’ve waited for your love for ever
You’re the one to take good care of my heart
Come and make you’re magic, til you have me hypnotised
If we get any closer, I’ll be drowning in your eyes
You’re the one I needed most, when my love was on the line
I’m so glad you gave me yours, when I gave you mine
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