July 28th, 2012
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Go Go’s Album Cover Featuring the hit song “Vacation”


All I ever wanted


Had to get away. . .

Vacation lyrics by: Kathy Valentine/Charlotte Caffey/Jane Wiedlin
Having been in the workforce for decades, I am familiar with watching people work themselves sick.  Literally.
I believe in hard work but I also believe in vacations. . . BIG TIME!  You can’t work hard unless you take breaks and allow yourself some healing and recharging space.  Vacations aren’t luxuries.  They are very necessary for helping you live longer.  Even if you don’t go anywhere, you deserve unscheduled time away from the office and at least an at-home Staycation, enjoying relaxation in your home with lots of sleeping in, having lunch or dinner with friends and family, reading, gardening or exercising.
But you cannot play chicken in the office with your fellow colleagues and see who works the longest day and who can go the longest without a vacation.  Eventually the consequences of that behavior will catch up with you.
Here’s one of many reasons why:  when researchers from the State University of New York at Oswego recently released a survey it conducted of 12,000 men ages 35-57, they found that those who didn’t take at least one week long vacation per year boosted their risk of dying from heart disease by 30% during the course of the nine-year study (please see link to study below).
I am going on vacation today and as much as love my readers and Cry, Laugh, Heal, I need to take a break and enjoy some down time at the beach with my son and my friends.  My intention is to post a few times while at the beach but I’m not sure. . .and I hope you understand!

Here’s the link to the MSNBC story about the study concerning work and stress:


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