April 27th, 2012
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What would our lives be like if we didn’t have the amazing sounds of music?

Listening to music can enhance a mood or change a mood.  It can calm our thoughts and center our inner personas.  Music enriches our lives on so many different levels and creates exciting connections no matter what our age.

Our souls are thirsty for the melodies that spur our imaginations to take flight and go where our bodies can’t.  Sometimes when I am listening to a song, I feel the years melt away and I am immediately transported back to a first date, a family party, a special holiday or even a bittersweet relationship.

A friend posted this YouTube video on his Facebook page and I found it to be so incredibly touching!

I wondered as I watched — what will be the music of my life that makes me tap my feet and clap my hands if I am blessed to reach this stage of my life?

Please meet Henry.  He is one amazing dude who loves music because it makes him feel loved!


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