July 18th, 2012
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I find it is important for the survival of the resilient spirits in my inner woman to make quiet time for myself.  My inner woman is all about achieving personal peace and developing emotional strength.

For me, the road to personal peace is found when I seek to quiet my mind and spirit.  Usually ten to fifteen minutes every day is enough for me to gather my thoughts and to try and figure out my daily goals; or at least try and figure out what direction I think I would like for my day to take.  Sometimes my goal is serious, such as finishing a project at work, and sometimes my goal is silly, such as trying to see if I can go without cursing for one hour.  You may think I’m kidding but I’m not!
Every day we are bombarded with different messages from the internet, television, radio and the telephone and our brains are basically tied up being information traffic cops telling us what to pay attention to and what to ignore.  You can’t go from one activity to the next or try to do multiple activities and not begin to feel the effects of that constant switching.
No wonder we feel stressed.  We need to take a break.  We need to take out regular time during the day to soothe our minds.  There’s nothing wrong with doing something mindless once in a while, right?  Isn’t that what Star and People magazine are for?

Seriously, our inner voices are trying to tell us what we need to do to refresh and restore our inner selves but we need to create quiet to hear it.

How do you tune in to your inner self?

The Secret of Life
Author Unknown
As the Lord God was creating the world
he called upon his archangels.
The Lord asked his archangels to help
him decide where to put the Secret of Life.
“Bury it in the ground,” one angel replied.
“Put it on the bottom of the sea,” said another.
“Hide it in the mountains,” another suggested.
The Lord replied, “If I see to do any of those
only a few will find the Secret of Life.
The Secret of Life must be accessible to
One angel replied, “I know: put it in each
man’s heart.
Nobody will think to look there.”
“Yes!” said the Lord.  “Within each man’s heart.”
And so it was —
The SECRET TO LIFE lies within all of us.
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