December 31st, 2013
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Time is one the most precious of commodities we have.
It should never be wasted and always treasured for its possibilities.
On this New Year’s Eve of 2013, I hold in my hands my fresh new calendar for 2014 that I will hang in the kitchen tomorrow and as I flip through the untouched months and days, I wonder what this year holds for me, my family and my friends.
Of course I hope for only good and fantastic things to happen to those I care about and that includes you my dear and wonderful readers!  Thank you so much for all of your support!!
As I always say, I hope I help you as much as you help me.
Alice G Patterson Photography
Courtesy House of Turquoise
I know some people love to make resolutions at the beginning of a new year, but I prefer to try and focus on each day as it comes to me and work within those twenty four hours on being positive, loving, healthy and helpful to others.  I don’t always hit the mark but I try really hard!
Let’s put those negative events behind us as we start a brand new year and let go of any feelings that may get in our way of doing something we want to passionately pursue.
Whether you are cozy at home, playing board games and watching the crowd at Times Square, or getting glammed up right now to go to a rockin’ party tonight, I raise my glass to you and wish you a happy and safe New Year’s Eve!
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