June 26th, 2013
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In a former life, many many years ago, my life’s ambition was to be a dancer.
I just loved it and could think of doing nothing else.  So much so that I would take my younger sister and go to the record department in our local five and ten and dance in front of anyone who was there no matter what music was playing.  Hours and hours were spent studying ballet, modern dance, character dancing and just dancing for fun! I attended the Boston Conservatory for a short period of time before I had to drop out to have two operations and rehabilitation on both of my legs.
Dancing keeps you in great shape but it is not as easy as some people make it look.  If it looks easy to you, then that is a measure of the dancer’s talent, discipline and determination to get it right and make it look flawless.
I write of dancers and dancing today because I still love it and still do it whenever I can.  It makes me feel free and careless and it’s just a blast!  It reboots my inner spirit and renews me for whatever is coming up next.
I never had the opportunity to take Irish dancing but would love to try it out.  I just discovered this video yesterday of two Irish guys who make up a group called Tap Tronic and all I can say is WOWSA!  You will definitely be hearing more about these two dancers.
Check out their cutting-edge technique:
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