Laughing Matters

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Friends Can Be Life Savers The most wasted of all days is one without laughter — e.e. Cummings  A few months ago on a Sunday afternoon, one of my friends and I met up for lunch at a neighborhood place that is casual and comfortable or as we say, the restaurant was “cheap and cheerful.”.  We… Read more »

Sharing Your Personal Stories

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Hi Everyone!!! Cry, Laugh, Heal is a place where all are welcome, where the sad, silly and satisfying aspects of grief and resilience are explored.  Everyone is welcome to join in and share their experiences about loss and trying to get back into the groove of living life.  We learn from each other plus you never know when your story… Read more »

Amy Winehouse

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Amy Winehouse was with us for only 27 years.  But in that short time her artistic flame burned hot and bright even as she continually battled for control over her addiction to drugs and alcohol. Artistically she broke new ground, writing and recording bluesy, hard-rocking songs addressing heartbreak and her self-destructive lifestyle.  Yet for her… Read more »

The Heart Behind Gilligan’s Island

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The cast of Gilligan’s Island A good and very funny friend of mine, Annie Howell, loves, loves everything about Gilligan’s Island. She and her husband, Brad, and their two boys even named their dog, Thurston, after the lock jawed, elitist character marooned on the island, Thurston Howell III.  I think everyone who watched the show identified with at… Read more »

Bestselling Author Ann Kaiser Stearns, PhD — Save The Date

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 Although Widowed Persons Outreach provides help for those who are widowed, this October 19th, the 2011 conference is open to everyone! You may be a professional or helping a friend or family member through loss and want to deepen your skills and understanding.  Or you yourself may be experiencing a loss. Whatever your situation, this conference… Read more »