September 28th, 2015
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So I find myself in an emotional place where I constantly feed my soul and busy brain with positive thoughts about life and the people that I care about.

I also am working on centering myself through mediation and am learning the value of breathing.

And I pray all the time: in the morning when I wake up, in the car, at work, at the grocery store and before I fall asleep.

Yet several frustrating situations in my personal life continue to happen.

Over and over again.  Even when I try to take regular breaks from the stress of them.

I think it’s definitely a subject for me to write about because I’m pretty sure this is a very human way to feel about the unpredictable nature of life and I know I can’t be the only one out there feeling this way.

I’m happy to share this for I know we all have personal traumas: loss of a cherished loved one, an illness in the family, troubles at work, financial pressures.

I’m thinking that if I am trying to figure out how to handle these things, then you are too.  Sharing helps me, and hopefully you, feel less alone.

Positive change doesn’t happen easily and I know that.  I just wish it didn’t have to be so hard.  I know I cannot try to come at these problems the same way every time and that is why I am trying different ways to make things go a little better.

My frustration comes when things don’t improve as much as I would like.  Yet I also know I must not despair.

Unfortunately I can’t be more specific about the details of these situations because if I was to tell you exactly what is happening, I would find myself in a heap of trouble; making things a whole lot worse.

What I have been trying to do for a long time is to incorporate a powerful concept into my life; which is: I know I cannot ever, ever, ever, control what happens to me but I can, can, can, control the way I react to it.

Pretty amazing fact right?

I wish I had been aware of this concept when I was in my 20’s but I guess I should be happy that I know it for now and that the point is to move forward with it.  As in every day.

I’m not going to let these situations get me down to the point where I give up because I do have faith that things will change and get better.  It’s just that I have no idea when this is going to happen.

And by checking in with you, my Resilient Readers, I’m letting you know that I am always a work in progress and that these are the things I am currently spending my energy on.

I know you’ve got stuff that is swirling around and also causing confusion in your life and that’s got to be a frustration.

How about if we continue to do what we need to do? To look at the way we react to the things that happen to us. I think we can gain strength in looking at a new day and saying, “It’s about my behavior, my reactions to this new day.”

And by doing what we need to do over and over, perhaps, just perhaps, we’ll get a break and something good and constructive will happen to us!

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