February 28th, 2014
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What a whirl of a week this had been.  Deadlines. Pressure.  Meltdowns.  Not me.  Others.
You’re familiar with this kind of dynamic aren’t you?  I know you must be because there is no way that this kind of stuff only happens to me.
How do I deal?  (Did I hear someone say booze?)
No my friends I don’t drink but I do make a lot of jokes about being in really awful situations because humor helps me cope.  I constantly make jokes about myself — and believe me there’s a lot of material there — and I also make jokes about the perceived dysfunction and frustration and sometimes the plain silliness of daily situations that life happens to oh so innocently send our way.

Comedian Jimmy Fallon
Photo Courtesy New York Daily News

Instead of making jokes I guess another option would be to steel myself through the rough times, white knuckling my chair and holding my breath until it’s over, but that wouldn’t be any fun!  No, in fact that attitude would just suck the joy out of most situations.

So meet “Stacy” and “Sara” and get ready to laugh as they hang out with First Lady Michelle Obama and “the girls” talk about different ways to stay active and eat right:


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