October 7th, 2016
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I was having one of those days recently when I was doing my best to think positively but it didn’t seem to be working out.

My thoughts felt powerless as things disintegrated around me.  Stuck in traffic.  Rescheduled deadlines. Unscheduled meetings.  Extra phone calls to untangle things that had been screwed up.  No matter how hard I tried to stay calm and focused on turning things around, I couldn’t change it.

While the meltdown continued to happen throughout my day, I tried to figure out how things started to go south.  I was trying to see in my mind’s eye the domino effect of each action on the other but still couldn’t get to why it was all turning stressful.  The day had started out well enough, but now I just wanted to put the brakes on it and go home where it would be safe and comforting.

It’s true that we all have had days when everything can feel irritating.  Days when we just wanted to push “Reset” and start over.  It can be hard out there, especially when you feel as though you are doing it all on your own and nothing seems to go your way.

You don’t want to exaggerate the negative because it’s already bad enough.  If you are like me, you just want to make it more manageable or perhaps even make it go away.

Tired from my frustrating day, I finally arrived home to my sweet comforting nest.  I bent down to pick the scattered mail up off the floor and saw handwriting on the front of one envelope.  Hmmmm.  This envelope looks potentially nice.  Things that are handwritten always take precedence over computer generated bills and junk mail.

I tore the paper open thinking it would be a thank you card and was surprised to read a card from a kind friend.  A card send out of the blue just to be nice.  Boy did I need it.  Perfect timing!!  I held the card to my heart.  It made me feel better that someone was sending me warm thoughts and a big hug.

It’s during those rough times that a kind gesture can totally soften the hard edges of life and quickly turn you around to see that it’s really not as dark as it seems.

That beautiful card reminded me that I should never give up.  It’s important to remain hopeful.  When things seem so troubling they can actually change for the better.  That you have to continue to make the effort to make things better.

It’s a universal truth:  a kind word or gesture makes all of us feel better no matter what.

Kind gestures such as the card my friend sent to me.  Or a hug.  Or buying someone a fresh cup of coffee. Or giving a bloomin’ bouquet of flowers.

Kind gestures such as holding the door for the person behind you instead of letting it hit them in the face or a nod and a smile indicating you wish them well.  How about just saying “Please” or “Thank you”?

The challenges of our big busy lives can be overwhelming to say the least but the power of the small kind things that we do for each other — such as a thoughtful card — can never be underestimated.

They are the kind of things that give us good uplifting energy, energy that makes us feel less isolated and resilient.  Energy that definitely helps us get to the other side of a stress storm.

Have a fantastic weekend my friends!!

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2 Responses to “Hard Days Kind Actions”

  1. Angela Moore Dwork

    Daily mantra: Pick yourself up, dust yourself off and start all over again.
    Be the best you can everyday.
    Don’t get wrapped up feeling guilty about others’ actions, rudeness and indiscretions or feeling hurt that others don’t recognize simple acts of kindness.
    There are always people, remember the childhood book, “If You Give A Mouse A Cookie” (they want a glass of milk)?

    • Mary Kate Cranston

      I love your comment Angie!! It’s so great to hear from you. You really picked me up. You can only do your best and then you have to let it be. I know this but sometimes it’s hard to absorb it. Hugs!


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