September 15th, 2017
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Today being Friday, I think we deserve to listen to an outstanding song to celebrate its arrival.

You may know the song Hold On from the fabulous and hysterical movie, Bridesmaids.

In the movie, Hold On is performed by Wilson Phillips, the original group which cut the record in 1990, and we watch as they sing their classic harmony and then we see the uber-talented actresses/writers/entertainers Maya Rudolph and Kristin Wiig lipsynch the words to the song and dance along to its catchy beat.

If you listen to the lyrics you hear that Hold On is about personal empowerment and your ability to find your inner strength and keep going with whatever is happening in your life.  Almost a mantra, if you will.

Music can be a powerful antidote for a blue mood and when I play this song, it practically blasts those feelings out the front door and into the stratosphere.  I played it over and over while writing this post and my mood and outlook dramatically changed for the better.

If I could put Hold On on a loop tape I would carry it with me constantly!

Listening to certain kinds of music feeds our soul and helps us let go negative emotions.  Music causes a chemical reaction in our brains, so it is no surprise that music has the ability to change our moods.

Hold On my friends.  Hold on for one more day.  Things are going to change.

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