January 4th, 2016
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January 2016.

With a new year comes questions.

What do I want to change?  Do I want to change anything?  How can I change?

Is it too late to learn something new?

I ask myself about how I would like to live in this New Year of 2016.

I ask myself if I am in my own way.  I ask myself if I am preventing certain personal changes from happening.

Probably so and that’s where my work begins.  With my personal behavior.

For me, being present in each day and living it the best I can is one of my primary goals.

Remembering to simplify, to use the gift of silence and patience and to have faith and trust are also among my personal goals.

Remembering that life is sweeter when it is shared emotionally and materially.

I know these goals will not happen by themselves.

They take work.  They require person introspection which can sometimes be painful and frustrating.

As in, “I told myself I wasn’t going to do that and in a flash I did it again.”

But I remind myself that to err is human and that’s when I take a deep breath, ask for help and start again.

It’s okay.  I find the repetition of trying creates baby steps to personal progress.

When I really want to jar myself into action, I remind myself that this life I have been given is not a dress rehearsal.

It’s the real deal.

And I have been given the daily opportunity to reach out and give it my very best shot.

What would you like to do with your New Year?

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