October 12th, 2012
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Truly, it is the little surprises in life that make a difference!

Kindness can arrive at any time.

Or maybe it’s just that my standard for smiling is different.  What brings a smile to my face might bring only a shrug to another person.  But I’m going to go with the spontaneous and positive happenings that I find around me!  It’s all about the smooth and healing ride of life.
I know that negative energy is lurking out there, waiting to nab me, but I am pushing it away because yesterday in Washington, DC it was a beauuuuuuutiful day.  Not a cloud in the sky and the air was clean and crisp.  Oh to play hookey from work.

I walked to the farmer’s market down the street from my office and saw that fall produce had arrived, full of fresh and nutritious possibilities: leeks, kale, pumpkins and an amazing variety of squashes and beautiful apples.  I love the Honeycrisp apples and they were at the top of my shopping list.  I had forgotten how tasty they were until I ate a few over the weekend.  That tart/sweet taste of the Honeycrisp is addictive.  I needed more!

When I reached the cash register, I had an armful of juicy apples and as I placed them on the scale, the guy behind the table asked me if I wanted a bag.  In DC, and now in Maryland, the bag thing is a big deal.  Maryland has actually taken it further than DC.  Most stores now charge you 5 cents for a plastic bag so I try to always have one with me.  It sounds like a small thing but it isn’t.
The money from buying the bag goes to cleaning up the neighboring rivers and I’m all for that.  But sometimes I get caught off guard like I did last week when I didn’t have a bag with me.  I had just bought some dress slacks at Macy’s and wanted to continue shopping at other stores in the Mall so I paid the 5 cents for the plastic bag.  I’m sorry but it just feels weird paying for something we used to get for free.
Anywho, I’m at the farmer’s market and I hand the guy my recycled paper bag (with handles) and he accidentally rips it.  Rut Ro!  So he gives me a plastic bag which he doesn’t charge me for and I’m gathering up my stuff to leave.  As I turn around, this young girl come up to me and pleasantly says, “This is for you.” Well lookey loo, it’s a new navy blue bag that says FRESHFARM MARKETS, just like the one pictured above.

“How nice of you!  You don’t have to do that,” I told her.

“No, no,” she said.  “It’s okay.  Please take it.”

And I did.  With a big smile.

Now it’s my turn to pass it on!


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