February 29th, 2016
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A Variety of Wedding Cakes

Weddings are the ultimate in family celebrations and June 11 is the big day for my son and his wonderful fiancé!

As many of you already know, wedding planning is made up of hundred of decisions, large and small and as with most things life, the process is so different from when I got married decades ago.

I mean this in a good way because now there are more choices about invitations, places to get married and of course, the cake which makes the wedding feel that much more personal, reflecting the styles of the bride and groom.  Discussions about the wedding cake are now at hand and today’s brides and grooms can go to a baker and get an idea ahead of time of what their cake will taste like by having a cake tasting.

Isn’t this a great idea?

A cake tasting involves different samples of cakes and frostings and people get to sample and mix different flavor combinations to see what they like.  So yesterday, on a warm and glorious day in Washington, DC, I spent the day hanging out with my son and his fiancé and her gracious parents while we compared the different combinations of cake and frosting.

Tough job right?

wedding samples

A Few Of The Cake & Frosting Samples

It’s amazing to me that today there are so many more cake and frosting choices.  My husband and I had a very traditional wedding cake: three tiers of white cake, vanilla buttercream icing and even the proverbial plastic bride and groom on the top.

But I think that would be considered quite boring today given the variety of flavors available for a 2016 wedding cake.  It is acceptable now and people look forward to serving any kind of flavor you can imagine for the cake or the frosting which makes it all the more fun because you never know what the wedding cake will be until you taste it.

Red velvet, coconut, peanut butter, and of course, chocolate are among the few flavors that brides and grooms can pick from as they let their imaginations run the gamut of sweet wedding confections.

I can only say that my cake and frosting covered lips are sealed and that a delicious and unanimous choice was made for wedding cake!!

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