September 19th, 2013
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When you consider the amount of emotional baggage we all carry around with us, it is amazing that we find love.
Wounded though our hearts may be, we cannot fight the attraction and pull of another person who catches our fancy.
Maybe you have been lucky and found love more than once. I found love with a small l a few times, but found love with a capital L only once.  It’s an amazing, powerful, crazy thing this love emotion that takes us over and keeps us going and truly defines our lives.  It is not to be treated lightly, as though it were something you can just toss away whenever you want and find something better when you want it.
Oh no.  It is not an emotion to played with.  It makes your fingers tingly and your mouth dry and when you find the one who is right for you, don’t ever look away.
Grab it and don’t hesitate, for the one who loves you deeply, the one who heals your wounded heart, probably also inspires you, just as Denise inspires Kevin Kelly.
Please read this beautiful love story in the link below written by Kevin Kelly about his one and only Denise.
It blew me away because it made me remember what romantic love is all about and I hope it does the same for you.

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2 Responses to “Never Look Away”

  1. Angela Dwork

    I believe love can be cloaked with an enormity of guises.

    (1) Never take for granted the blessing of being loved.
    (2) Never dismiss an opportunity to forgive.
    (3) Our heart and our brain are our strongest body organs and yet the most vulnerable.
    (4) Rapture and pride for oneself is depilating.
    (5) I love butterfly kisses.
    (6) I love the smell of baby and puppy breath and the smell of Johnson’s & Johnson’s baby lotion.
    (7) I love that my children still kiss me on my lips.
    (8) I love the tingle when my husband and I kiss.


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