March 24th, 2014
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When Sundays are overcast and chilly, as yesterday was, I love to gather the blankets on the sofa and watch old movies.  At first I feel a little guilty about laying on the couch, vegging and doing nothing but then I remind myself that I’m not really doing nothing.
I work very hard during the week at my full-time job, plus I have other family responsibilities that I’m always trying to squeeze in here and there.  So when I find a day to watch a movie from beginning to end, I try to stop and enjoy it for the healing luxury that it is.
Yesterday as I was surfing the channels I found a classic from 1966 that took me back to my younger days: Trouble With Angels starring Hayley Mills and June Harding as two troublemakers who are sent to an all girls convent school to get straightened out.  Rosalind Russell plays the Reverend Mother (the person in charge of the school and the convent) perfectly!  She never misses any of the girls tricks!
Here a short clip from Trouble With Angels:
As you can see it’s worth it to watch the movie just to see the style of clothes and hair from the mid-1960’s and laugh at the silly havoc that the girls spread through the school which these days will seem mild to most people.
Having gone to a Catholic elementary and high school, I find the movie to be hysterical and also I must say I identify with the girls always getting trouble because that was my experience with the restrictive but instructive structure of Catholic schools.  In hindsight, I see that I received an excellent education even if I wasn’t always receptive to everything that was being taught to me and I admit there was something about being told that I had to do it the nuns’ way that made me want to break their rules.
Not very smart I know, but I had a lot of fun and made a lot of great friends and have many hysterical memories of that time.
Just as Hayley Mills and June Harding find it hard to think of the nuns as women who had other lives before they donned their long black habits and veils so did I.  I look back on those days when my friends and I made it so hard for some of the nuns and I cringe.
I think the movie glosses over what living in a convent is really like but that’s okay because after all it’s just a movie and it’s supposed to be a comedy not a documentary.  I’m sure that in every convent there were nuns who were great friends, nuns that you felt deep respect for and nuns that drove you up the wall.Just like the people you meet in real life right?I hope you did something relaxing this weekend and that those good vibes follow you through this week!
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