August 31st, 2016
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Revealing your unfiltered feelings and becoming vulnerable to another person is not something anyone does easily, particularly when you are brokenhearted and trying to talk about the loss of a treasured loved one.

I bring up the subject of talking about the loss of a loved one for today is the 19th anniversary of the tragic death of Princess Diana, one of the most iconic women of our time and one of her beloved sons, Prince William, who is now a parent himself, recently had a tender conversation with a young boy who had recently experienced the loss of his lovely mother.

When trying to start a conversation about a loved one’s death, I have found, and others have told me this too, that it’s absolutely essential to find a trusted person who will respect what is happening to you and who will take care of you while all the words and emotions spill forth from you.  I think you will be surprised by who in your life fills this role best.  After my husband’s death, I went flying to some of the people I really needed to talk to, but many times they were so uncomfortable with seeing me break down that I eventually found others who I didn’t know were the most tender and fantastic listeners.

Unfortunately, finding these people is not an exact science.

Hopefully you have a few people in your life who can fulfill this valuable role for you.  If you can’t find such a person, then I might suggest going online and contacting a local grief support group which should be able to offer helpful resources.

Please keep trying until you find someone who will compassionately receive what you have to share.  It’s an incredibly important and healthy act that you can do for yourself.

Whether it’s one month, one year or 19 years, please try to put into your words how it feels to continue to live without the person who meant so much to you.

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