October 17th, 2014
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By the time Friday arrives on my doorstep, I am usually ready to attack a pint of ice cream, preferably Ben & Jerry’s chocolate chip cookie dough.

I sometimes allow myself this indulgence because after all it’s Friday and I’m using the ice cream as a way of patting myself on the back for having survived the turmoil of another work week.  I wouldn’t say that eating a pint of ice cream is healing in the classic sense, but it certainly heals my soul at a time when I need it.

But also know it’s not good for me.  That it’s incredibly unhealthy and I have to stop needing it.  So today I am applying the proverbial brakes on this fattening treat.

Instead, I am pursuing the mind over matter way of handling the intensity of a work week.  As in: put down the spoon and be mindful of my habits.  Eating ice cream is a very short term answer to handling my revved up state on Fridays.  Sugar is a trap.  What I really need is a huge injection of  Zen into my brain to deliver me to a place of peace and light.  As in: meditation.

Kris Carr, author, motivational speaker and self-described Wellness Warrior (love her!) says it best about mediation: “When you understand your mind you can harness its power to achieve more than you imagined possible.   The space between the noise is where God/dess lives.  There are many answers there.  Don’t shy away from visiting.”

The Hold Outs By Tracey Capone Photography

The Hold Outs
By Tracey Capone Photography

My problem has been I am not afraid to visit that place of quiet.  I’m just unsure of how to get there.

However, yesterday I just discovered that mediation is much more free form than I previously realized.

Silly me!!  I always thought I had to meditate in a sitting position, with my eyes closed, humming or chanting a joyful phrase to myself.  Not true!!  This is probably one of the reasons why I have not been successful in practicing meditation on a regular basis.  I thought mediation couldn’t happen until I found a quiet place to sit, closed my eyes and mentally focused on a phrase or image until I felt tension free.

In fact I can meditate wherever I want: washing the dishes, walking, running, cleaning and swimming.  It’s essentially a way of discarding negative energy, simplifying my thoughts and being aware of the moment I am in.  I can sit in a cross-legged position but it isn’t required.

You don’t need to take a class.  The link below to a short post on Mediation for Beginners will walk you through the basics.  Just begin with small steps.  Five minutes of concentrated thought and then if you want you can go for a longer period of time. Another great tip I just learned is about attaching mediation to a daily routine I already practice.  For instance, I brush my teeth every day.  After brushing could be the perfect time for me to set aside time meditate for three to five minutes.

Time for simply being quiet and concentrating on my breathing.  Breathe in, I’m thinking of a beautiful beach with white sand dunes and crystal blue water, and then I breathe out.  Just picture it.  Breathe in, I hear the water washing across the sand, breathe out.  Repeat.

May you have a Fabulous Friday and a Fabulous Weekend!!

Please check out this link below which will take you to Meditation for Beginners written by Leo Babauta:


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