July 2nd, 2017
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One recent weekend, I stood at the kitchen sink washing a few dishes, listening to the quiet of the early morning as another day slowly revealed itself.  A few birds chirped to each other and occasionally a parent and child would stroll by walking their dog.

The window over the sink was open and I felt the summer air gently lift my hair and float over my face and arms as the warm water and liquid soap spilled over my hands.  The tree limbs were gently swaying, pushing the leaves into each other and then bringing them back again.

The Universe is full of magical things; particularly so in summer.

Mother Nature was spreading her magic that morning.  I closed my eyes and tried to dismiss those annoying random thoughts bumping into my brain about the past work week, thoughts where I was second guessing myself or doubting that I had done or said the correct thing.  I stood in my place at the sink, trying to give pause, trying to slow down and get into a different groove, breathing in and breathing out.

Like clouds in the sky, I tried to let my thoughts slowly float by.   Hello you scattered thoughts.  Hello you negative thoughts.  Hello you frustrated thoughts.  I have no time for any of you in particular.  I need to cut you loose and let you move on.

I struggle with emptying my brain of any thoughts that produce worry, anger or fear.  Those kinds of thoughts certainly trigger stress but getting rid of them is easier said than done.  I am a work in progress, constantly reminding myself to focus on the simple pleasures of my day.

Moments such as the quiet of an early morning or feeling a soft summer breeze brush my face.

Even though most of us would admit that the rhythms of our days are busy, busy and more busy, our inner selves are craving some quiet space.

As you think about what is happening for you in this moment of your precious life, here a poem that may help you push the pause button:

Breathe In, Breathe Out

By Dana Faulds

Breathe in spaciousness and

acceptance of what is.

Breathe out resistance.

Breathe in possibility and

optimism.  Breathe out fear

and doubt.  Breathe in ease.

Breathe out the need

to change the way

this moment is unfolding.

Breathe in the certainty

that what we really are is

so much bigger than pain

and suffering.  Breathe out

limitation and conditioning.

Breathe in divinity and

openness.  Breathe out a

prayer of thanks that even

in the midst of difficulty,

there is awareness.

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2 Responses to “The Pause Button”

  1. Debbie Smith

    Mary Kate, you have once again written my thoughts! I am a work in progress too. And the poem is unique and provides food for thought. I am taking up breathing!!

    • Mary Kate Cranston

      Hi Debbie! It seems that in so many parts of our lives that we are always on the go. We need to give ourselves the gift of pausing and relishing what is happening at the moment. I’m glad you like the poem. I find it to be peaceful and calming. Thanks always for reading and sending along your helpful comments!


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