December 12th, 2014
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The other morning I woke up and immediately went downstairs to the kitchen to have my first cup of hot tea.  I have been fighting a cold and cough and was looking forward to its warmth.

I was still not quite awake when I opened up the cabinet door to grab my favorite mug featuring the skyline of New York City on the side.  It felt as though I had it in my hand but then I lost my grip and it quickly came crashing to the floor.

How the hell did that happen?  Now instead of drinking much needed hot tea, I was staring at  pieces of glass in disbelief.  What a klutz!  Sadly I looked at the pieces of glass on the kitchen counter and floor and I thought to myself, “Is this the kind of day I’m going to have? The kind of day when I think one thing is going to happen and then it goes in a completely opposite direction and all falls apart?”

NYC coffee mug


Maybe I should go back to bed.  No, I said to myself.  Don’t be ridiculous.  It was only a coffee mug and it broke beyond repair.  Get over it.  There are bigger things that need your attention.

While I could have given in to the frustration of the moment and berated myself for being so clumsy, I decided to think about it for only a little bit and then consciously let it go.  As soon as I swept up the glass and threw it all in the trash can, I decided that was the end of it.  It was time to move on to making and having my first delicious cup of hot tea which at that point I was desperate for.

I thought about how I had a whole beautiful wide open day in front of me and how it was a lot  more important to get on with the good possibilities of that day rather than to let let one bad move have the power to gather more bad thoughts and then let myself get cranky.

Change it up and shift gears if the morning doesn’t start so great, right?

So I hope your morning is uneventful and your coffee or tea is in its right mug and may the momentum of the day go your way.

Happy Friday Resilient Readers!



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