June 5th, 2013
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How do you try to take care of someone when they don’t want you to?

I’m sure you must know a person you care about and perhaps even love who doesn’t want you to help them even though it is obvious that help is very much needed. You understand the frustration right? It’s the frustation of no matter how hard you try to offer various kinds of support, you never are able to do the right thing, the thing that will make them happy.

This is what I know I can do: I call on the telephone, I listen, I try to empathize.  I visit as much as I can because nothing beats seeing someone in person.  I offer to run errands.  I bring food so the person won’t have to cook and I clean while I’m in their house.

I think listening is the most important thing I can do because everyone knows that the more a person expresses his/her feelings, the better they feel.  There’s no point in trying to get them to open up if they’re not ready or willing to talk.

Most of all, I try to maintain a calm demeanor.

This is what I don’t do: I don’t offer suggestions.  I don’t offer anything that could be viewed as a solution.  I don’t ask too many questions.  I don’t intrude into the other person’s personal business.  I don’t react to negative comments.

It’s a constant balancing act but I care about this person so I keep striving to maintain the balance.

And so I keep on trying. . .

And trying. . . and trying.

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