December 1st, 2014
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wet leaf

“When we make room for silence we make room for ourselves…

silence invites the unknown, the untamed, the wild, the shy, the unfathomable-

that which rarely has a chance to surface within us.”

Gunilla Norris – Sharing Silence

From Thanksgiving to yesterday.  These past four days have been amazing!

I can’t believe how much I relaxed!  I hope you also had a chance to veg out and wind down over the Thanksgiving break!

The holiday season is just starting and as crazy and fun as it can be to get ready for it, we all need a break from the daily juggling of at least ten million things that we try to constantly keep in the air.  After awhile, I find it is just too much and my brain goes into exhaustion and plain old fashioned overload.

It is not a show of strength to work and work and work on very little sleep without eventually recognizing the need to take some time to relax and recharge your so-called batteries.  It is definitely a healthy and smart move to consciously take a break from your normal routine and allow your brain and body to decompress in solitude.

I slept in (no morning alarm), finished reading a book (great fiction), had Thanksgiving dinner at one of my sister’s house (grateful), hung out with my son (YES!) and some friends (fun), bought our Christmas tree ( a little early but its okay) and put up some decorations (mixed emotions).

It may sound as though I did a lot but what happened was when I did decide to do something during that block of unscheduled time, I did it at my own pace.  I wasn’t on anyone’s schedule, didn’t want to be and I got things done when I could get things done.

I didn’t sit around and watch television (an emotional drain), the phone hardly rang (maybe once or twice) and I wasn’t driven to constantly text or email while I was off work.  I was totally unplugged from my electronics and loving it!

I find it healing and renewing to take the time to listen to the quiet and feel the love of being with people who care about you and make you feel safe.

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