March 16th, 2014
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Ugh.  I feel as though I have been stuck in a lot of life’s drama lately and it is distracting me.
Big drama has been happening to me on all fronts of my life and I just thought I would let you wonderful readers know the reason why I haven’t been able to post on my blog as much as I would like.  Not that you are hanging on to every word I ever post but I thought it would be nice of me to give an explanation for cutting back lately.
I can’t and don’t think it would be fair to talk about all the nuances of the Big D that is overtaking my life but I have faith that some parts of it will be short lived.  Sometimes I think that life’s problems will resolve themselves if I give it enough time to unscramble but I am finding that a hard part of healing can be the times when you have to roll up your sleeves and confront the situation yourself.

Until then, I remind myself to take baby steps, for baby steps will get me where I need to go.


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