July 18th, 2013
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While watching television last night, this commercial came on twice and I had to stop and watch it both times.
It’s only 31 seconds but it’s so sweet!
It reminded me of my wonderful Nana and how I miss her so much.  She died a long time ago but she is still very special to me and also to many, many of my cousins.  We all adored her!  How I would love to be at her house today just to hear her talk or sing or play the piano.  I think food also brings back strong memories of loved ones; either because of something they would make or something they loved to eat and perhaps you ate it with them.
Photo Courtesy of Cheerios
For my Nana, it is a coffee cake recipe that she would make and you could eat it hot or cold.  I believe it is a recipe she made up herself and she called it Snapdoodle.  Being a child of the Depression, Nana would say that anyone could make this coffee cake because the ingredients would be things that you would always have on hand in your kitchen or cupboard.
Everyone loved Snapdoodle and when Nana made it, it was a treat!  Just like her, Snapdoodle has simple straightforward ingredients but it makes a lasting impression of something sweet and basically good.
I’m sure you must have a Nana in your life or someone who might have filled the role of a nurturing Nana for you.  If this person is still with you, give her a call today or give her a hug.  If she’s no longer with you, then talk to her, for I bet she can still hear you and is still looking over you.
Cheerios or Snapdoodle, it doesn’t matter which one.  Loved ones stay with you forever.
Here’s the Cheerios With Nana commercial:
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