June 5th, 2012
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Many years ago, one of my aunts generously gave me a book about people’s first-hand experiences with angels called Angel Letters by Sophy Burnham.
Burnham previously had written the bestseller, A Book of Angels, which was so popular that hundreds of people wrote to Burnham about their encounters with angels.  Burnham took these letters and with the permission of the writers, published their letters and used people’s real names.
“Since finishing A Book of Angels I have come to a personal belief:  that we live surrounded by ghosts, by spirits, not only in our imagination, as metaphors of our past, but also in reality — our departed loved ones watching us —  also surrounded by superior spiritual beings of great light and magnificance, manifestations of the divine, who want for us poor humans better things that we can possibly imagine,” Burnham writes in Angel Letters.
“And I believe that if we leave them alone and present ourselves, like children, in total trust and love and humble gratitude, then they will pour their blessings on us overwhelmingly.  They play with us.  They look after us.  They heal us, touch us, comfort us with invisible warm handss they try to give us what we want.”
Here is one of the moving letters from Burnham’s book.  This one is written by Mrs. Renee E. Mastalli from Bethesda, Maryland:
“About a year after my beloved husband died, I sat in my living room feeling lost and lonely ot stop weeping.  Suddenly the room was filled with the scent of flowers — overpowering.  It was in the middle of win.  Just then my phone rang, and it was a friend who wanted to come and visit.  I said that I wasn’t very good company today but she came anyway.  As she walked in the door, she said, “the flowers?”  I said, “Millie do you smell them too?”  With that she asked me, “What was Tiller”  I said, “Gardenias.”  She then replied, “He is with you and telling you .” With that the scent of flowers disappeared.”Maybe something happened in your life and you felt a spiritual presence.Maybe it was your angel.

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