May 23rd, 2013
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There’s a place where we all want to end up.
We know it by name but where is it?  Where is Heaven?
I was thinking about Heaven yesterday while attending the wake of a man who was one of my father’s best friends.
This man was a good man, worked hard, had a wonderful wife and children and tried to do his best for others.  I’m sure he is in Heaven, wherever that is.
I’m also sure that other people that I knew and loved are in Heaven: my husband, all of my grandparents, my aunt and uncles and some friends.
I believe in Heaven but the idea of not knowing where it is nags at me.  It’s a concept that rolls around in my head.  Maybe it is up above us, waaay up above us, but who knows? And what do they do there?  I imagine that people in Heaven are different ages, not the age they were when they died, and that they do things that they loved such as playing baseball, or having parties or being at the beach.
This is my idea of Heaven
I also like to think that they are with us and try to guide and help us.
I think not knowing where your loved one is located is one of the big frustrations about grief.  You are physically cut off from a loved one when they die and there’s no way to find out where they are or even how they are doing.
Is it asking too much to know these things?  I don’t think so.
I think it’s the least they could do after leaving us.  They should at least call, email or text us about what’s going on with them.  They must know that we wonder.  They must know that we think about them all the time.
People who have had near death experiences have described what has happened to them and that is probably the closest we will come to finding out what Heaven is all about.
A lot of people talk about seeing a bright light and also seeing people they know.  Katie Couric aired an episode on her daytime show addressing the subject of Heaven and interviewed people who had been through traumatic experiences and spoke of going to heaven and then coming back to their lives.  In an interview Katie Couric did with Dr. Mary Neal, Neal describes being trapped underwater for  15 minutes and losing consciousness.  Neals’ description of heaven is of a place filled with love, a love we have not felt here.

Maybe your ideas about Heaven are completely different.  Please share if your thoughts if you would like to!

Here is the link to the Katie Couric interviews with Dr. Mary Neal and others:

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