January 24th, 2013
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I went to the kitchen window early this morning and expected to see the bare concrete of the sidewalk and instead saw snow covering the ground and all of the surrounding cars and trees.
I had heard some talk of snow coming to the Washington, DC area yesterday on the news but the forecasters are usually so far off the mark that I didn’t pay attention to their prediction. What do you know? The weather people were actually right this time.
So instead of opening the front door and walking outside in my bare feet to grab the newspaper off the front lawn as I usually do, I put on a coat and shoes and stepped carefully through the fresh, powdery snow.
I am not much of a snow person but waking up to snow falling is a wonderful, almost cozy surprise and a reminder to me once again that you really never know what the day will bring for you.
And I’m also thinking of all those happy children who are waking up and finding out that they don’t have to go to school today!
Stay warm, dear readers.
Embrace your day and all that it brings!!
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