April 25th, 2016
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I was reading an article recently on personal growth and wellness and a phrase caught my attention.

“…have faith in your ability and accept all that comes your way.”

Hmmmmm.  Accept all that comes my way.  I know I have no choice but to accept whatever happens in my life but it’s not always easy to take it as it comes, accept it and move on.  For while I may believe I have the skills or the ability to handle certain situations, I find I am at a point in my life when I would rather not deal with it or accept it.

I would much rather kick it to the curb, walk away from it and let someone else claim it for their own.

I think we all reach a point in our fast paced lives when we realize we don’t want to handle certain things when they come along.  I know I sometimes feel I am already handling enough craziness or there’s also that deja vu feeling that you have already handled this before and you don’t have the patience to do it again because it took so much patience to handle it the first time.

I had to smile to myself when I was reading this article for it was one of those times when I remind myself that it’s easy to write about healing when your life is on track but not so wonderful or easy to find healing when things in your life are happening in a scary, unpredictable and frustrating way

All those positive thoughts and essays about putting the pieces back together and feeling stronger and more resilient make so much sense when life is zipping along and everything feels positive and hopeful.

There are no dark clouds on the horizon and all feels right with the world.

That’s the best feeling isn’t it?  There’s so much lightness to life.

And then BAM! A medical test comes back positive. Someone you care about falls and has to go to the hospital.  You’re called in to talk to the HR department at work and find out your job is on the line.  Or the absolute worst happens: someone you love dies.

The true test of believing in my ability to heal, my ability to feel whole again, is in how I or we decide to cope with life’s challenges.  Those unexpected every day challenges that suddenly pop up and put a wrench in the works.  Those stressful events that life throws our way.  The nasty surprises that throw us totally off balance.

I happen to find myself in a very challenging place right now and maybe you are too.  One of the situations is something happening in my workplace and the other is personal.  I would love to share the details but I really can’t.

One way I keep my feelings on track and feed my soul is to constantly remind myself that there is something within these challenges for me to learn.  Honestly, I’m not sure what I am specifically supposed to learn from these situations, but I tell myself over and over to keep the faith and believe in my resilience to control my response to these situations.

I also remind myself that even though I think life should go a certain way that doesn’t mean it will.  Seems like that would be obvious but it’s not.  I have been trying to detach myself from wanting things to go my imaged way and I will say that while it is really hard to get myself to detach and let go, I have found that once I find the inner resolve to let a situation flow it’s own way, I feel calmer.

It’s a struggle for sure.

But today is all about knowing that we each have a purpose and having a sense of purpose, especially during life’s stressful times, can bring some personal peace.

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