January 15th, 2013
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This past weekend I met up with three of my best girlfriends to celebrate my recent birthday.
I have known these special women for decades and we have been through a lot with each other and for each other.  Birthdays, weddings, funerals, break-ups, new jobs, new houses, vacations — we have been through it all!
The beauty of being friends for a long time is that you don’t have to explain everything.  One person can mention a certain situation or a person’s name and we know right away what that means.  We know the things that make us laugh and the things that drive us crazy.We always celebrate each other’s birthdays and this time we went to a small French cafe in Georgetown for brunch.  It was misty and rainy outside and the inside of the restaurant was quiet and cozy.  No one was in a hurry and we settled in for a few hours and just enjoyed each other’s company.What a treat!!!!

Each one of my friends is a treasure and I love all of my girlfriends.  Real friends are made one at a time and sometimes through a shared activity.  I have some special friends I have gotten to know because our sons went to school together and I have other friends I have made through work and volunteering. They are the butter on my bread, the icing on my cupcakes.  They are the people that I cry, laugh and heal with.

All of them add that extra special something that makes me pause and say to myself, “I am lucky to know her and have her as a friend.”

I find that my friends provide a layer of protection against life’s setbacks and disasters.  I try to comfort and listen to their ups and downs as they do for me.  A true friend is a connection to life.

Friends care about what is going on in your life and with them you can always be yourself.  You can spill out your thoughts, even when they don’t make any sense, and your friends take the time to figure it all out and make you feel that it’s okay.  Or in my case, sometimes my friends put me back on the right track when I have lost my way….Thank goodness for that!!!!!

I need hugs and smiles and laughter.  I think we all do.

When we isolate ourselves, we lose an essential connection to people and psychologists report that cutting yourself off from people can make you sick because you keep all of your feelings and thoughts locked inside and your body can’t take it.  Your immune system can become compromised and other conditions such as heart disease can develop.

Thank you my special, extraordinary friends and my great readers for being there and for being your wonderful selves!!!

As the saying goes, you have to be a friend to have a friend!!!!

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