January 25th, 2016
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snow_storm dc

Photo Courtesy of ABC News


In case you haven’t heard, the Washington, DC area received at least two feet of snow over the weekend.

It started as small flakes on Friday afternoon and never stopped snowing until late Saturday night.

As some of the local weather forecasters said, the nation’s capital was in the crosshairs of a snow blizzard and the storm delivered enough snow to keep all of us shoveling for days.

But the snow and the high winds did something else.

Mother Nature forced us to slow down.  To stop our usual routine and just be.

In my neighborhood, we walked to each other’s houses to check in on each other or we called, emailed and texted each other to make sure everyone had supplies and that all was well.

We shoveled each other’s sidewalks and invited each other in for hot drinks and cookies.

Children hauled out their colorful sleds and pushed each other down the neighborhood hill.

I know we were lucky.  We could have lost power and we didn’t.  Losing electricity was my biggest worry.  We also haven’t seen a snowplow in our neighborhood which means we are really socked in.

We are carrying on and making the best of a hazardous situation.

Last night I went outside and looked up at the beautiful blue sky with a large bright full moon hanging it.

What did I hear?


It was absolutely still.  Absolutely quiet.

No cars.  No sirens. No voices.

White pristine snow covered everything.

In the midst of the freezing cold air, I took a deep breath and gave thanks for the goodness in my life.

Amen to Mother Nature.

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