January 10th, 2014
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Here is something to think about ~

You have to speak
Your dream out loud.
               ~ Kelly Corrigan

To me the importance of this beautiful powerful thought is that when you speak your dream out loud, you start to make it real.  It’s the first step in owning your dream and part of owning it is making the dream and all of its possibilities yours so that it can become real.

By talking about your dream out loud, you give your dream a place in your life and it becomes a real part of your life, instead of just a passing thought that sometimes you think about but then it goes away and you continue on and put your energy into other things.

One of my dreams for 2014 is to upgrade my kitchen and I think I have finally saved enough money to start this exciting project!

Everyone has a dream.  It can be big or small; anything that you want it to be.
What’s yours?
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