January 9th, 2014
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One of my sisters sent me the video posted below that’s about Moms and the endless, loving support they give their children.  In the case of this video, it shows Moms and their budding athletes in the beginning stages of learning their sports skills and then the years of repetition, the unending practice, practice, practice performed by the children until they reach the ultimate competition of the Olympics.
It’s a wonderful video, tracing the path of infants and babies falling, getting back up, trying again and again, finally learning to ice skate, snowboard and ski so that they may perform more accomplished routines.
On another level, the video is also about raw persistence, resilience, determination and the commitment to never give up on your passions and your dream no matter what you decide to pursue in life.
Emotional resilience doesn’t come to you just like that.  Unfortunately, you don’t wake up one morning and suddenly you are resilient.  But don’t be discouraged.  Resilience is the ability to become strong, healthy, bounce back or rebuild again after a loss, or a personal crisis.  The good news is resilience is something that can be developed within you.
You can gain strength through pain.  And little by little I bet you are doing it every day and you may not realize it.  Always get back up.  You can do it!
Here’s the “Thanks Mom” video:


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