January 24th, 2014
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Wow!! What a week!
Between the snow, the ice and the polar vortex of winds hitting the Washington, DC area, it’s seems as though it’s been a battle of the elements every day.  Fashion has definitely gone by the wayside and staying warm is the priority.  Sometimes the sun is out but I’m not feeling too much difference in the temperature.
I am not really a winter person at all but this chilly cold season does teach me to be comfortable with the uncomfortable.  I can’t change it so I’ve got to go with it and get on the other side of it.
I try to look at it as another lesson in a different kind of resilience.  As in: I can’t control what Mother Nature decides to bring to my area of Planet Earth but I can control my response to her events.
Snow People Visiting The U.S. Capitol
I can stare and curse at the frozen snowy icy car or I can go out and start it, warm it up and start clearing it off.  It’s all about taking a deep breath and just doing it.  And that’s when I put one pair of gloves inside another pair of gloves and the same with socks.  It’s the only way to make sure my fingers and toes stay warm and toasty.  I don’t know about you but if my hands and feet get cold, I’m a goner.  I just can’t take it.
So for those of you in warm and tropical climates, I wish I were there with you.
But seeing as I am not, I will be dealing with my Freezing Friday, staying bundled up and taking it a step at a time.
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