January 23rd, 2014
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I know it’s a little early in the morning to listen to the rhythm of a set of drums, but I couldn’t resist posting this short video of Mary Hvizda of La Crosse, Wisconsin.  Check her out for she is having such a blast!  She is a great reminder to me of the necessity to jump into every day and follow my passions.
Better known as “Grandma Drummer” to the folks at the Coalition Drum Shop in La Crosse, Mary has reportedly played in a lot of band since was 16 and still can’t get enough of picking up those sticks and beating out a crazy drumroll on those skins.
They say she comes in to the music store every couple of months, plays the drums for awhile and then she’s on her merry way.  Don’t you love it!!
Our passions are healing and make us authentically us.  In other words, they keep the creative juices flowing! Studies show that finding meaning in one’s life, whether playing music, volunteering at a hospital or school, working at a fulfilling job, or any other activity that makes you feel positive, is an essential part of having a lifetime of good mental and physical health.
It doesn’t matter what your passion in life is, the important thing is to find it, pursue it and embrace it; just like the amazing Mary Hvizda:
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