January 7th, 2014
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Yesterday was an absolute lousy day.  I arrived home from work and was not feeling good about my little world but was also looking for a way to rid myself of those negative, counter-productive feelings left over from the office.


While making dinner, I checked my email to see if there was some wonderful piece of news that would cheer me up.  My stressed out mood buster came in the form of an email from Pip, my cousin’s talented son and singer who participated in season two of NBC’s The Voice as part of  Adam Levine’s team.
Music.  Yes, that’s what I needed to erase the day’s frustrations and bring me back to a relaxed state of mind.
Pip’s email contained a new song and video titled “Hooked”  which I clicked on right away because I knew Pip’s amazing voice and positive energy would shine through his music video and be contagious and mood changing.
It was!!  Thanks Pip!!  Check out “Hooked” for yourself below:
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