December 22nd, 2014
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Hey there Resilient Readers:

It’s the Monday of Christmas week and today I am going in an entirely different direction; one that is fun and healing and in tune with the holiday spirit.  It’s a post that I hope makes you smile and perhaps reminisce about your own unfulfilled but fond dreams.

I have a saying that life is about finding your music and dancing to it.  Dancing has always been something that comes natural to me and something that I love to do.  In one of my former lives, I took dancing lessons for years as a child and continued as a teenager and then I went to school in Boston to study to be a dancer.

Dancers in Rehearsal Photo Courtesy NY Daily News

Dancers in Rehearsal
Photo Courtesy NY Daily News

To help prepare me for my scary audition in Boston, some friends of mine knew a professional dancer and teacher who was once a Rockette and she practiced with me for hours and hours as we put together a worthy audition.  Not only was she incredibly talented but her support helped me get accepted. Unfortunately, I stayed at my school for only one semester because I injured my legs and had to come home for surgery.

The Rockettes

The Rockettes

Anyway, from the first time I ever saw them on television, I have always been fascinated by all things related to The Rockettes.  They are America’s most iconic dance company and anyone who watches the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade must know who The Rockettes are since they perform their famous kick line and other precisely choreographed dance numbers in the parade which is broadcast nationally every year.

The Rockettes dance as a team and that concept also appeals to me.  They work and move together closely in their dance numbers and support each other’s talents in a way that makes all of their performances look almost effortless.  I remind myself that when someone makes something look as though it easy to do it never is!

The Rockettes Performing Famous Kick Line  Photo Courtesy NY Post

The Rockettes Performing Famous Kick Line
Photo Courtesy NY Post

So when I saw this short article from Elle magazine about a day in the life of Rockette dancer Lindsay Howe, I read it immediately and thought that at this time of year when The Rockettes perform their annual Christmas pageant that there must be others who often wonder what it would be like to dance with The Rockettes.

Please check it out just for the fun of it:

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