January 12th, 2015
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I hear my stationary bicycle calling to me.

“Come on.  You have calories and fat to burn off.  You need to get your heart pumping.  Get your butt in gear.  I’m here.  Where are you?”

Ah, the rhythms of life!! It’s hard to get myself in the exercise groove but I remind myself that I’m doing something good for me.  There is a payoff: exercise is a must for the whole me; the mind/body connection and on top of that it’s healing.

On some level, aerobic exercising or general movement such as walking, dancing, yoga or even running helps me feel as though I have some kind of control over what is going on in my life.  Other things may be falling apart but at least I did something that got me going, put some fresh air into my brain and made me feel better.  Exercise can also reduce risk of depression and may help us sleep better.


Here’s a factoid you might not know: the American Cancer Society says even 150 minutes minutes of moderate exercise every week can benefit your heart and your health.

I prefer exercising outdoors but freezing rain and frigid temperatures are no incentive for me.  I have tried to work out outdoors but by the time I put enough layers on to be warm, it’s hard to move.  I don’t belong to a gym because I know I won’t go.  I just know it.  A personal trainer would be a dream come true but that’s not in my budget.  Until then, its exercise as much as I can when I can fit it in.  Maybe this is your situation too.

For me, getting up and moving around is essential because it helps me sort things out.  I think about the day ahead, I think about things I want to accomplish and I think about things I want to put to rest.  I know that short workouts, even 10 to 12 minutes on my stationary bicycle are better than nothing and can enhance my mood for the rest of the day.

At this point I know I don’t have a choice right?  I know I have to get myself on the bicycle and just do it.

Just so you know, the picture I have posted above is the one I will hold in my head as I sit on my stationary bicycle in my basement because I have to think of myself in a warmer season.

Time to crank up the iPod and let’s go!

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2 Responses to “Moving Into Monday”

  1. Debbie

    How did you know the exact message I needed this cold, rainy morning? For the first time ever I am joining a health and wellness center five minutes away from home. I can exercise alone, in classes, on machines outside or inside. They have classes taught by the community college, cooking classes, and more. I don’t know why it has taken me so long to join. I am embarrassed around new people, and suffer from anxiety and depression since my bout with Breast cancer. I don’t really have enough money to join, but I am going to find it. In my mind I know it will help me feel better and be healthier. And I ain’t getting any younger. I don’t want to be the older person who can hardly get around.
    So wish me luck, and thanks for the encouragement!! Good Monday morning.

    • Mary Kate Cranston

      Hi Debbie: Join the club because I ain’t getting any younger either! Good for you that you have joined a health and wellness center and are getting out there and trying something new!! So fabulous!! I do wish you luck and let me know how it goes!! You go Girl!!


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