October 16th, 2015
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Hit The Road


Road trips are part of the American way of life.

Maybe this weekend you, your friends or family have a road trip planned to take advantage of this transitional time of year: picking out your special pumpkins, checking out the leaves turning glorious reds and yellows or just visiting a new destination.

Road trips can help us recharge our inner selves.  You know.  That inner voice.  That oh so precious deep core of ourselves that keeps us one with the horizon and helps us process the ups and downs of this beautiful and crazy trip called life.

I know that when I need to shed the stresses of my daily life, nature can be a place of comfort and healing.  Gardens, farms and any beach anywhere are my favorite outdoor hangouts.

These gorgeous places always remind me that the most powerful kind of healing is what we do for ourselves.  By the way we decide to live our lives.  By what we think about and what we process and strive to move beyond.  We can learn from the darkness for we have the power to face the negative emotions in our lives, address them for what they are; heal and dismiss them.

Road trips give our minds a fresh point of view.  A new starting point, if you will.

One of my favorite road trips happened this past summer.  I love lavender.  The love the way it smells, what the plant itself looks like and its’ calming and relaxing herbal powers.

Driving back from the beach, I decided to take a side trip and finally visit a lavender farm on the Maryland Eastern shore that I have always wanted to see.  One thing I have learned since becoming a widow is that sometimes you have to forge ahead and do things on your own.  Maybe next time I can persuade a friend to join me!

Located on a historic, five-acre farm a few miles from Rehoboth Beach and Lewes, Delaware, Lavender Fields at Warrington Manor was what I had pictured in my mind.  I was not disappointed at all.  The day was sunny and warm and there were thousands of lavender plants in the fields and (surprise!) a meditation labyrinth.  I could have stayed for hours just walking the grounds and visiting the gardens but unfortunately I needed to get home.


Part of the meditation labyrinth

Hope you have fun hitting the road this weekend and if you don’t take to the highway, maybe you can find your own healing space close to home.  Here are a few more pics from my trip:

lavender Delaware

 Lavender plants for sale

Delaware Garden

 The native wildflower garden


 Close Up

I can almost smell the lavender!

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