May 24th, 2013
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I remind myself every day, all the time in fact, that I have a choice in how I decide to view the world.
I can be negative about things, which is self-perpetuating and draining and doesn’t really get me anywhere.
Or I can choose to think positively about the amazing and beautiful world around us.
Positive thinking brings about positive energy which keeps me going and continually connecting with others.
Abraham Lincoln once said, “Most folks are about as happy as they choose to be.”  Each day, I think it takes a conscious effort to emphasize the positive and disregard the negative.  Open yourself up to the positive vibes of life and try to shut the door on the negative ones.Choose happiness day after day.

Get outside and move around.  Get your heart pumping and breathe in fresh air.  Drink in the natural beauty around you.  Studies show that as little as 5 minutes of walking in a natural setting can increase your self-esteem, boost your mood, and slash high-blood pressure, according to Prevention magazine. New research also says that people who are active outdoors exercise longer than those who work out inside only.

As we move into a long holiday weekend (YEAH!!), please check out this beautifully photographed video about Mother Earth and her amazing resources.  We really do live on an incredible planet!

Please enjoy the video which was made by the people who wrote The Secret and the calming music was composed for the clip by Jo Blakenburg.

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